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Our fire glass for fire pits and fireplaces is tempered and tumbled. The product is free of debris and ready to used. All reflective glass has a mirror coating on one side to enhance sparkle.

If you plan to use this glass in a gas application, you should use a licensed plumber or an NFI Certified gas specialist to install. All fire glass is designed for use with natural gas. Please contact a local plumber or your local building department for other installation options. Visit the
NFI Website to find an NFI Certified technician in your area.

NFI Website

For any questions, call Toll Free at (877) 551-3473.
We have technicians available to answer your questions Monday - Saturday 9:00 AM - 5:30PM Pacific Standard Time.

Sold in 5lb. Increments.

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Fire Jacks 1/4" Clear Non-Reflective - 10lb. bag 1/4" Starfire Non-Reflective - 10lb. bag
Fireplace Jacks 4" and 6"
Our Price: $27.00
1/4" Azuria Reflective - 10lb. bag 1/4" Black Reflective - 10lb. bag 1/4" Bronze Reflective - 10lb. bag
1/4" Evergreen Reflective - 10lb. bag 1/4" Gold Reflective - 10lb. bag 1/4" Gray Reflective - 10lb. bag
1/4" Pacific Blue Reflective - 10lb. bag 1/4" Copper Reflective - 10lb. bag 1/4" Platinum Reflective - 10lbs. bag
1/4" Copper Penny Reflective - 10lb. bag 1/2" Clear Non-Reflective - 10lb. bag 18" EP Series Pan Burner Assembly - NG
18" Burner Assembly - NG
Our Price: $135.00
18" GG Series Burner Assembly - NG 24" GG Series Burner Assembly - NG 16" Pan Series Burner Assembly - NG
18" PB Series Pan Burner Assembly - NG 20" PB Series Pan Burner Assembly - NG 24" PB Series Pan Burner Assembly - NG
30" GG Series Burner Assembly - NG